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Grow business with 24/7 monitored communications 

We offer your business a monthly package tailored for your needs, including managed computer vision services, web portals, video analytics, e-commerce, advertising, CRM, and much more.


We offer a cost-efficient way to measure customer flows in your applications and premises 24/7.

Booking systems

We develop and monitor 24/7 your booking systems that are driven by data and efficient customer service.

IT Security

For any digital business, IT and data security is one of our top priorities. We help you to take care of it 24/7 efficiently.


We can offer digital training, webinars, consultation and collaboration with academies and universities to your better performance.

ERP and E-commerce

We help you to pick up the right channels for digital commerce and logistics and manage them 24/7.

Customer service

We help you to build your brand with a strategy and offer automated customer service online 24/7.

Lead generation

We help entrepreneurs to grow their sales through effective branding and advertising in all channels – online and offline.


We create content that makes your customers to say wow and bring more revenue using video, animation, and much more.

How to start with Valfi?

1. We learn about you

First we learn about your business to propose the best online tools.

2. We develop the new online tools

Based on our learning, we do the necessary development.

3. We train your staff

We educate your staff to use the new online tools.

4. We grow your business 24/7

After development we offer you 24/7 management services.

24/7 Managed services

We believe in 24/7 managed services and analytics-driven communications. The only way to predict the future is to invent it. New 24/7 managed services and content-driven solutions change the way we live and work. These revolutions improve our standard of living and ways doing business.

24/7 Analytics to monitor your business

We offer a reliable and cost-efficient way to measure people and object flows. Measure human behaviour, purchasing funnels, gender, age, and emotions in your customer flow, online and offline. See a case study video about shopping centre Rewell Center / VisitVaasa  Read more about analytics

Your success is our duty

Taking innovation into action and helping other entrepreneurs to work with digital tools 24/7 is Valfi’s duty and passion.

Best professionals 24/7

Our dedicated and flexible team around the world help you 24/7. See a video interview of one our collaborators, entrepreneur Satu Laiho. 

Our management

Valtteri Kujala

Valtteri Kujala

Managing Director, PhD Researcher

[email protected]

Anna-Sofia Ali-Sisto

Anna-Sofia Ali-Sisto

Account Manager, Bachelor of Laws

Darius Karremans

Darius Karremans

Senior Developer, B.Sc

Jere Pellikka

Jere Pellikka

Maintenance manager

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