IT and Advertising all in one.

IT first Advertising

We combine skills in technology and advertising to create reliable growth

Analytics for Growth

We create analytics and insights to support better advertising and leadership

24/7 Part of Your Team

Our specialists works 24/7 to deliver value In advertising, video and marketing tech

We don’t just deliver ads. We work as a part of your team on tech-savvy advertising.

Flexible video and 3D ads 

By 2020, most of the ad traffic is made by video and 3D content, which is one of the most popular ways to deliver and consume content on the internet. We help you to get best out of it.

We create video ads, which usually requires multiple skills from storytelling to rendering and sound design.

New generation businesses believe in immersive content. We generate vivid 3D video ads, 3D videos, images, and interactive content to grow your business. We can deliver on-demand 360 broadcasts and aerial footage with constancy.

Web apps for better Advertising and Sales 

We restlessly create and develop 24/7 your websites, e-commerce, digital marketing and cloud services.


We take care of updates and functionality of the most common open source web platforms like WordPress and Woocommerce 


We offer technical support in troubled situations regardless of the clock, ensuring that your business stays up and running


We will make continuous risk assessments in IT security and improve it with simulated attacks, smart firewalls and other technologies


We will help you maintain your privacy and GDPR compatibility in your services


We restlessly monitor your visibility daily on search engines and report results to you as needed.


We ensure that your services work on mobile platforms on a continuous basis for ease of use

Part of your team

Taking innovation into action and helping businesses in automation is Valfi’s duty and passion. We work as part of your team to grow your business.

Case studies: Businesses

Case study:

Case study:

Effective Analytics for Advertising

We develop analytics to maximise the value of data in people flows, especially for real estate, leisure and restaurant occupiers, owners and investors:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easier reporting
  • Improved cleaning and security
  • More efficient marketing
Focus on your Customer with Analytics

We analyse your people flows to improve efficiency, maintenance, and security


Human and object analytics

We offer a reliable and cost-efficient way to measure people and object flows.

Measure demographics

Measure people quantity, gender, age, emotions in your customer flow

Face recognition

Valfi’s video-based facial recognition can identify or verify a person without any physical contact.

Simple monthly pricing

We offer you a monthly package including installation, software and maintenance

Case study: Customer Analytics

24/7 Automated Services

We believe in 24/7 automated services and analytics-driven communications. The only way to predict the future is to invent it. New 24/7 automated services and analytics solutions change the way we live and work. These revolutions improve our standard of living and ways doing business.

Your Success is our Duty

Taking analytics and automation into action and helping other entrepreneurs to work with automated tools 24/7 is Valfi’s duty and passion.

We automatise businesses ready to grow.


  • Shopping Centre Ideapark Oulu
  • Shopping Centre Tullintori
  • Shopping Centre Lielahtikeskus
  • Shopping Centre Rewell Center

  • Shopping Centre Rajalla På Gränsen

  • Shopping Centre Zeppelin

  • Shopping Centre Karisma


Ski and Sport Resorts

  • Ski Resort Ukkohalla

  • Ski Resort Paljakka

Real Estate / Cities

  • Vaasan ToriParkki

  • Citymarket Tornio

  • Ovenia

  • VisitVaasa


  • Asianajotoimisto Lapsilaki

  • Lakiasiaintoimisto Defenso

  • Asianajotoimisto Mikko Ravaska


  • OTP Travel – Oulun Taksipalvelut

  • Sassin Liikenne


Business services

  • IECnet – International Association of Accountants, Auditors and Tax Consultants
  • Thurma Business Centre, Milan
  • Studio Arnaldo Carpi / Carpi Advisors
  • Team SimiSami


  • Lämpöhuolto

  • Rakmove

  • Doorway Finland

  • Kone Jare

  • Pro Door

  • Ovenia Group

Restaurants / Catering

  • Restaurant Petronella

  • Robert’s Coffee Tornio

  • Spice Ice Tornio

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Valtteri Kujala

Valtteri Kujala

Managing Director, MSc in Computer Science

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Anna-Sofia Ali-Sisto

Anna-Sofia Ali-Sisto

Head Account Manager, Bacherol of Laws

Darius Karremans

Darius Karremans

Senior Developer, BSc in Computer Science

Jere Pellikka

Jere Pellikka

Customer Success Manager